VIDEO: Ronnie Mund Pumps the Brakes on Apples’ Car-Related Questions

“Anyone else want to know the answer to the question?” Howard’s longtime limo driver asks

April 15, 2021

It’s no secret Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund is a car enthusiast. The Stern Show staffer has driven in road rallies, competed in car-themed trivia matches, and counts NASCAR star Kurt Busch as one of his good friends. His love for cars apparently pales in comparison to his distaste for his burgeoning on-air rival Apples, however—when the Colorado listener called into the show Tuesday to chat about Ronnie’s recent road adventures, Mr. Mund wasn’t having any of it.

“He did something really cool this weekend. He drove a thousand-horsepower Mercedes and I’d really love to know more about that,” Apples told Howard, adding, “I saw it on his social media.”

Ronnie quickly grew irate. “How’s he seeing it if he’s blocked from our stuff?” he asked, later adding, “You’re a friggin’ weirdo, dude.”

But Apples continued his interrogation unabated. “What’s the coolest car you’ve ever driven, ever?” he asked.

His only response was crickets. “Anyone else want to know the answer to the question?” Ronnie asked.

Howard served as a proxy for a few of Apples’ car-related questions, but Ronnie eventually pumped the brakes on that, too. “I don’t even know why you entertain this guy, dude,” he told his boss. “He’s a weirdo, sorry. This guy has issues.”

Howard concluded his staffer had finally found his arch-enemy. “Apples is like your Lex Luthor,” he said.

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