Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Gets Analyzed by a Clinical Psychologist

Howard's longtime driver also admits to a conflict he once has with his fiancée Stephanie's therapist

March 29, 2021

Between outbursts over cereal and happy hour feuds, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund is no stranger to being put under the microscope by armchair therapists. On Monday, Howard revealed that his longtime staffer was recently analyzed by an actual clinical psychologist and that she made some headway into his psyche.

During the hour-plus Zoom session, Ronnie admitted that he fears his much-younger fiancée Stephanie might leave him as he gets older – something he has seen happen before. “My father, the chick that he split with, when he got sick, the first time was fine – she took care of him,” he explained. “The second time, she split town after 15 years.”

“It makes sense,” the psychologist told Ronnie. “I can see how that would be a worry.”

“All of these problems stem from the fact that Ronnie has a much younger, hotter girlfriend,” Howard noted. “It’s hard to feel bad for a guy that’s got a hot young girlfriend.”

Another discovery made was that Ronnie once walked out of a joint counseling session with Stephanie over the way he was greeted by her therapist. “I walked in there and I wasn’t comfortable with her … just the way she said ‘hello,’ she was very like abrupt,” he recounted. “I was trying to bring out a point and she kind of like right away went to Stephanie’s side … I told her to fuck off and I walked out.”

“That must have been the world’s worst hello,” co-host Robin Quivers theorized.

After careful analysis, the psychologist had a possible diagnosis. “I actually think Ronnie has what might be called like a paranoid personality disorder or at least features of a paranoid personality disorder,” she noted to staffer Wolfie after the fact. “He’s pretty convinced a lot of times that people are kind of out to get him … he goes through life with this underlying feeling of suspicion about people, often times that can be without any kind of justification.”

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