Ronnie Mund Reveals Why He Told His Fiancée to Delete This Video From Instagram

“I was having a few drinks and of course Stephanie had a few drinks and she started shooting,” Howard’s longtime limo driver explains

March 2, 2021

The ongoing feud between Stern Show staffer Ronnie the Limo Driver and caller Apples took another contentious turn this week when the latter called in and declared he was worried the former might be hitting the bottle just a little too hard.

“I’m concerned about Ronnie’s drinking,” Apples told Howard on Tuesday. “I didn’t want to call in about this, but people send me messages saying, ‘Hey Apples, are you going to ask this?’

“Yeah, he didn’t want to call in but he called in to get his airtime,” Ronnie said, growing agitated. “You fucking fool, go fuck yourself, would you please?”

Apples’ reasons for calling aside, Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers were curious to hear more about the video which largely consisted of Ronnie’s fiancée Stephanie spinning around in circles, singing unintelligibly, and calling her significant other a “dickhole” while Ronnie looked on stoically.

“I didn’t put anything out there, okay? I put nothing out there. I was having a few drinks and of course Stephanie had a few drinks and she started shooting this video,” Ronnie said, explaining he took the phone away from her at one point, but she got it back and continued shooting. “I didn’t even know she put it up, and then somebody called me and told me about it, and I told her to take it down. Big deal.”

Apples had called in several times over the past few weeks to grill Ronnie on seemingly mundane things like breakfast cereals, and Howard was noticing a pattern. “You’re very good at observing Ronnie,” he told the caller. “Is that going to be your thing?”

“I don’t want to pick on Ronnie. I’m a huge Ronnie fan,” Apples insisted. “I’m observing. I like to see what’s in people’s backgrounds.”

“In a way, I see your role now as Ronnie’s Jane Goodall,” Howard concluded. “His thing is watching [Ronnie], and commenting, and then [Ronnie goes] fucking ape-shit.”

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