Ronnie Mund’s Furniture and Priceless Valuables Were Destroyed During His Big Move to Las Vegas

“Supposedly there was a flood,” Howard’s recently relocated limo driver laments

October 18, 2021

Ronnie Mund generally has a smile on his face when describing things that are sopping wet, but on Monday’s Stern Show the recently relocated staffer could only frown while cluing listeners in on a more malignant type of moisture which had just wreaked havoc upon his and his fiancée Stephanie’s life.

“I actually heard a sad story about Ronnie that [his] furniture was finally delivered to his new house and a lot of it was busted up. What’s up with that, Ron?” Howard asked his longtime limo driver.

“It’s real bad … Supposedly there was a flood,” Ronnie responded, explaining much of their furniture and personal possessions had been ruined after a pipe apparently burst where the moving company had been storing them.

“Was Stephanie freaking out?” Howard asked.

“She was sitting on the floor crying. We both were because there was a lot of personal stuff [ruined],” Ronnie said, explaining furniture was wrecked, clothes had gone missing, and destroyed personal items ranged from Stephanie’s college diploma to irreplaceable photos of Ronnie’s parents and grandchildren.

“They knew the shit was ruined but they sent it anyway, covered in mold and everything,” he said of the moving company, explaining that as a result he and Stephanie needed to buy all-new furniture and hire a junk-removal company to haul off their moldy items.

“It’s horrible when people treat your things like that,” co-host Robin Quivers said.

Even a framed love poem Ronnie had penned for his fiancée had succumbed to water damage, though thankfully Fred Norris’s Ronnie Puppet was on hand to compose a brand-new (and far more vulgar) one.

Apples, a longtime caller turned part-time Ronnie antagonist, phoned in at one point both to offer Ronnie his condolences about the lost items and to chide the staffer over some recent social media posts boasting scantily clad women and talking up his friend’s helicopter company.

“I can’t stomach your voice,” Ronnie told Apples. “Go fuck yourself, you moron. Don’t be so obsessed with me.”

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