Howard and Co-Host Robin Quivers Celebrate 40 Years Together With a Head-to-Head Trivia Contest

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and several of their former colleagues pitch in with questions

December 1, 2021

Believe it or not, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers have been together for 40 years! To celebrate, the broadcasting duo competed in a career-centric trivia contest hosted by Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, with assistance from AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson and several former colleagues.

Robin took an early lead after she and Howard answered a few lighter questions, including one from the woman who first introduced them, former DC 101 VP of Programming Denise Oliver. “Softball,” Robin said when Howard correctly answered it was the late comic David Brenner who demanded that WNBC management loosen the reins on the show.

The lead didn’t last long, however, when Howard was able to steal a question and pull ahead. “Now we’re getting tough,” Robin announced of not knowing “Eh-eh-eh” was the code for Sirius they used towards the end of their K-Rock days. “You used to say it all the time, I didn’t have to say it … I would never remember that.”

While Howard didn’t know it was Johnson who thought “Private Parts” actress Mary McCormack was his actual wife, he was able to correctly answer questions from former K-Rock co-workers Mark Chernoff and DJ Marc Coppola. The momentum was cut short, however, when Robin correctly remembered how former K-Rock general manager Tom Chiusano once broke his hand. “He got into a fight with his suit,” she recalled with a laugh.

Robin won a bonus question from former K-Rock engineer Steve (better known as Wood-Yi), but she and Howard contested the answer to another one: how many women has Fred Norris slept with? “That’s bullshit,” Howard said of the supposed answer of seven partners.

“Produce those women,” Robin jokingly added before closing the game.

Howard also played a new phony phone call in which he calls into a radio show professing his love for his wife Robin – until he and their “son” catch her cheating with someone familiar. “Hey Dad, Mom’s making some really weird noises in the other room … Holy shit, she’s having sex with Lenny Dykstra!” their pretend offspring exclaims.

Listen to the full call (below).

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