AUDIO: Tan Mom Fires a Trio of Employees in New Stern Show Prank

“I will go through this phone to f-ck you up, bitch. You’re fired!” the Wack Packer says

January 19, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil can be described as many things, but conflict averse is not one of them. The sun-loving Floridian has fought with plenty of people over the years, from arguing with “Antonio Banderas” on the phone to facing off against Kayla Vas in a celebrity boxing match. Just last year in a mock job interview, she told a prospective employer she might snap if someone got in her face. Curious just how deep her passion for friction ran, the Stern Show recently put Tan Mom to the test.

“One of our guys posed as a president of a fake company and he enlisted Tan Mom to fire some of his employees for ridiculous reasons,” Howard said Wednesday morning before playing clips of what ensued.

After meeting with a Stern Show staffer disguised as the owner of a fictional company, Tan Mom gets tasked with firing “Michael” for being a good-looking employee who dresses well. While co-host Robin Quivers wondered if Tan Mom would really go through with it, the Wack Packer didn’t hesitate to give “Michael” the axe.

“I think you might have an attitude problem … you have a smirk on your face,” she said. “This is what’s happening here: You’re fired.”

“Michael” was stunned. “My wife’s going to leave me if I get fired from this job,” he said.

“Go jerk off,” Tan Mom responded. “You’re just fired. Get over it. I mean, if you’re fired, you’re fired.

The Wack Packer then fired “Roberta,” an employee who refused to go out on a date with the boss. “Just to cut to the chase,” she told “Roberta.” “[Your boss] asked you out. He wants you fired for the nuisance of what’s going on.”

“What? Is there anything I can do at this point to keep my job?” “Roberta” replied.

“Well, go give him a blow job. I don’t know what to tell you. If a guy wants to fire you, then go sleep with him,” Tan Mom responded. “Do I think it’s moral? Do I think it’s this? Do I think it’s that? You’re annoying me, to be quite frank with you. Bottom line: you’re fired!”

“This company is going to be hit with the biggest lawsuit,” Robin laughed after hearing the clip.

Tan Mom only grew more heated when she was asked to let a creepy employee named “Denny” go. “I was being nice and now you’re getting on my nerves,” she told him. “I will knock you down … I will go through this phone to fuck you up, bitch. You’re fired!”

After putting in such a hard day’s work, Tan Mom could barely believe when she was asked to fire herself. “I will take you to a different level, a level that you don’t fucking understand, bitch,” the Wack Packer told her boss. “Go fuck yourself, you’re fired. Goodbye.”

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