Stern Show Caller Named Rooster Calls in to Complain About Fast Food Breakfast

“I’m normal on the inside,” truck driver tells Howard of his enlarged neck

March 2, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As a truck driver who spends long hours on the road, Stern Show caller Rooster occasionally eats breakfast at unusual times. As he told Howard Wednesday morning, he’s noticed an inconsistency in the quality of McDonald’s breakfast offerings depending on the time of day. “If you go at five o’clock in the morning and order it, the breakfast is superb,” Rooster said before noting he has had the exact opposite experience in the evening. “You order the same breakfast—it’s all screwed up.”

“Rooster, you’ve hit into one of the greatest mysteries,” Howard, who praised the idea of breakfast for dinner, agreed. “It’s like they can’t wrap their head around the concept to keep the quality of the breakfast even at dinnertime.”

“Fast Food Maniac” author Jon Hein, who has fantasized about opening up his own McDonald’s franchise, provided some insight into the phenomenon. “Rooster is 100 percent correct. The breakfast is much better in the morning than it is at night,” the Stern Show staffer said. “They do a changeover on the grill at around 10:35 or so and, when that happens, they prioritize the lunch items instead of the breakfast items. So, as a result, if you want to get a breakfast item … it’s not ready and freshly made.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A former corrections officer, Rooster also revealed the combination of a hernia and taking a desk job led to issues with his neck. “[I] started putting on a little bit of weight because my mobility was limited … [the fat] was stored in my neck,” he admitted. “If you look at me, I’ve got an enlarged neck [but] I’m normal on the inside.”

“You’re a handsome guy, Rooster,” Howard said after looking at a picture of the caller. “There’s nothing wrong with you … You’re my kind of guy.”

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