VIDEO: Fast-Food Expert Jon Hein Gets Outsmarted by His Own Audiobook After Howard Asks Him a Popeyes Chicken Question

“What a great book. I’m so informed now,” the staffer says after hearing a clip of himself

November 7, 2019

When Howard invited fast-food aficionado Jon Hein into the studio on Wednesday after Wack Packer King of All Blacks called in to profess his love for the wildly popular new chicken sandwich from Popeyes, he was shocked to learn his staffer hadn’t yet sampled one.

“A lot of Popeyes you go to, they don’t have it. They say they’re out of it,” Jon said. “I’ve wanted to try it. I’ve not been able to get it.”

Howard was further disappointed to learn the so-called fast-food expert couldn’t even answer a few simple questions about the history of the franchise. Luckily for listeners, Jon’s 2016 audiobook “Fast Food Maniac” had all the answers and Howard happened to have a copy on hand.

“The name wasn’t based on the spinach-eating cartoon sailor but rather on Gene Hackman’s memorable detective Popeye Doyle from the classic film ‘The French Connection,’” Jon’s audiobook explained, thus outsmarting his real-life counterpart.

“Jon, how is it the guy on the phone who is your audiobook knows more than you do?” Howard wondered.

“Clearly he does,” the real Jon laughed, adding, “What a great book. I’m so informed now.”