Sal Governale Now Hugs Trees and Tries to Channel Ronnie Mund’s Deceased Father

“Was he a milkman?” the Stern Show staffer asks his colleague

June 15, 2022

Sal Governale showed off more of his spiritual side Tuesday morning, opening up about his newfound love for “tree meditation” and going so far as to claim he could contact Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund’s late father. Naturally, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were curious how he might pull that one off.

“It’s all feelings,” Sal explained of his methodology. “The same way we have thoughts, his father will come to me as a thought, he will give me a feeling, and I’ll create this scenario.”

The stockbroker turned psychic then took out his beloved red jasper stone and got down to business. “Your dad drove like a pick-up truck, Ronnie? .… It’s an old, old truck, and he delivered like bottles or something … was he a milkman?” Sal asked Ronnie.

“No,” Ronnie said. “There was a truck but there wasn’t an old truck like that. He did deliver—but no bottles.”

That was about as close as Sal ever got with his premonitions. He also ventured guesses regarding everything from acoustic guitars and fire hydrants to Ronnie’s dad’s name. “I’m getting Earl,” Sal said before Ronnie revealed his father was named Mel.

“I’m getting something, too, Howard—bored,” Robin interrupted.

Ronnie continued to play along, however, and asked Sal to ask his dad what he’d been doing that one day during his childhood when a young Ronnie heard strange and seemingly sexual noises coming from the bedroom.

“What was going on was not important. It was wrong, in his opinion, to subject you to that,” Sal said while channeling Ronnie’s dad.

But no one was buying it. “Sal, this isn’t for you,” Howard concluded.

Though his connection with Ronnie’s dad didn’t seem very strong, Sal had little trouble connecting with trees. “The tree is the ultimate symbol of love. It just gives and doesn’t expect anything in return … It’s God’s greatest gift,” he said before explaining his practice of tree meditation. “What I try to do is blend my molecules with the molecule of the tree, and what I do is when I meditate now I’ll hug a tree and rest my forehead against the tree.”

“Can you imagine walking into a forest and seeing this?” Robin giggled.

“When you hugged a tree did the birds in the tree shit on your fucking head?” Ronnie wondered.

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