Stern Show’s Own Fred Norris Worked With a Parrot on New Song

“I’m collaborating with the pet’s owner … the parrot sits in the room and it mimics just about everything,” Howard’s sound effects maestro explains

September 28, 2022

He’s performed with everyone from Leslie West to Jack Bruce, but the Stern Show’s own Fred Norris has a new musical partner — his friend’s pet bird, Echo.

“That’s an African Gray Parrot,” Howard’s longtime sound effects extraordinaire explained of the song snippet he recently posted on Instagram. I’m collaborating with the pet’s owner … the parrot sits in the room, and it mimics just about everything, and it heard this song — the song has whistling in it and a chant — and the bird liked it and was very inspired and decided to duplicate it.”

When Howard and co-host Robin Quivers compared the project to the former dog-fronted band Caninus, Fred praised the feathered vocalist’s abilities. “Echo has a much deeper catalog,” he joked.

Still, Howard appeared impressed with the outcome. “I actually thought this was really good … I think you’re onto something,” he remarked. “Now I know what Fred’s doing at home.”

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