Charlie Puth Shoots a Western in ‘Loser’ Music Video

Song appears on singer-songwriter’s new album, “Charlie”

October 10, 2022

Charlie Puth visits the Wild West and gets into a bar fight in the music video for “Loser,” a song off his newly released third album “Charlie.”

Directed by Phillip R Lopez, the music video is shot to look like the New Jersey-born singer, songwriter, and producer is acting in a Western movie, complete with plenty of tropes one might expect—like horses, harmonicas, old timey saloons, villainous mustaches, and a street duel—as well as a couple items one might not, like skin care products, bananas, and a soda machine.

“Loser” is one of 12 tracks off “Charlie,” an album which has already birthed five singles, including “Light Switch,” “That’s Hilarious,” and “Left and Right,” a team up with BTS member Jungkook. The EP is Puth’s first since 2018’s “Voicenotes.” As Stern Show fans may remember, the musician has also in recent years memorably recorded both a Robin Quivers parody and a “Hit ’em with the Hein” song for the Stern Show.

“Charlie” is available now.

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