VIDEO: JD Harmeyer Was an Enforcer for His Local Video Store

“The worst was when it was like a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ or something,” Stern Show staffer recalls to Howard

January 27, 2023

JD Harmeyer is not only a champion for cinema, at one point in his life he was a protector of it. On Wednesday morning, Howard’s longtime staffer recalled his time working at a video store, where part of his job was to remind deadbeat renters to return their late tapes.

“I would get a list every day [to] call these people [and tell them], ‘Your videos are due,’” he said, noting he was often met with hostility. “Then they’d come in a few minutes later and just shove the videos down the chute aggressively and walk out.”

“I’d love to hear that phone call you made, like you’re the enforcer for the video store?” Howard responded before imagining what the customer response must have been like. “‘Sir, I don’t know what the fuck you’re saying.’”

The task was bad enough for young JD, but it was even worse when the material was provocative, such as something from the “Girls Gone Wild” series. “I can’t remember exactly how it went but it was very uncomfortable,” he said as he struggled to recall some of his reprimanding lines.

“I’m keeping my ‘Girls Gone Wild,’” Howard said in a mock response before adding, “That ‘Girls Gone Wild’ tape isn’t in too good of shape anyway — I think you should let me keep it.”

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