AUDIO: Chef Ronnie Serves up Vibrating Deviled Eggs in New Phony Phone Call

“The best way to do it is with natural juices,” he instructs baffled hosts of cooking show

February 17, 2023
Photo: Getty Images

Be careful what you ask for.

The hosts of a cooking show looking for different deviled egg recipes were confused and then disgusted when they picked up on “Chef Ronnie Munds.” In the new phony phone call, which debuted on Tuesday, Ronnie offered up a special recipe for vibrating eggs. “The best way to do it is with natural juices,” he instructed. “It’s very gooey.”

“This is a family show,” the annoyed female host responded.

Ronnie continued before eventually stuffing himself with a vibrating egg. “I’ll probably quit after this,” the male co-host reacted.

But it was when Ronnie channeled Martha Stewart and suggested other uses for common household items that the hosts really lost it. “Don’t forget your cock rings, you can use those as napkin holders,” he recommended before they hung up on him.

Check out the full call (below).

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