AUDIO: Swap Shop Host’s Reign as Honorary Mayor Goes Horribly Wrong in New Phony Phone Call

“You’re a lousy mayor — there’s feces all over the floor,” one constituent complains

November 7, 2022
Photo: Getty Images

A Swap Shop radio host found out recently just how thankless a public service job can be when he was named mayor for the day in a new phony phone call that debuted Monday morning. When Stern Show staffer Richard Christy’s Rusty character named the host the honorary mayor of Bodark, Kan. as a symbol of appreciation, it didn’t take long before “constituents” phoned in with complaints.

“I live in Bodark too and let me tell you something Mr. Mayor, this town’s got real problems and one of the problems is my septic tank is backed up,” one resident complained before placing the blame on the town’s chief executive. “You’re a lousy mayor — there’s feces all over the floor.”

“So, by making me the mayor of Bodark, I am the leader of idiotic, silly people,” the host responded after several calls. “We are now a Bodark-free zone.”

The remarks compelled an incensed Rusty to call back in. “Hey, it’s Rusty again, you’re doing a horrible job as mayor,” he charged before launching a campaign against him. “Our town is such a mess — I’m going to run against you this November, so get ready,” he declared before debuting his first political ad.

Check out the full call (below).

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