Best Phony Phone Call of 2022 Bracket

It’s time for Stern Show fans to select the year’s greatest prank call

December 15, 2022

It was yet another jam-packed year of prank calls on the Stern Show, so which one would fans pick as the best phony phone call of 2022? After a week of voting, it came down to two calls with one very familiar face: the one, the only, Flirty Gary.

As hilarious as his conversation with Bigfoot’s girlfriend Melody was, it was Flirty G’s jaw-dropping call to fisting enthusiast HungerrFF that packed a deep enough punch to win over listeners and take home the title of the year’s best phony phone call.

Congratulations, Fisty Gary – and don’t forget to wash your hands before accepting the crown!

Enjoy listening to all of the FULL calls (below).

#1 ‘Fisty Gary’ Flirts With HungerrFF

#2 ‘Flirty Gary’ Seduces Bigfoot’s Lover

#3 Stuck in Nancy Pelosi’s Desk

#4 William Shatner Speaks in Tongues

#5 Swap Shop Host Becomes ‘Mayor for a Day’

#6 Richard & Sal Break Tradio’s Texting Rule

#7 Greta Thunberg Calls a Vegan Coffee Shop


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