Ronnie the Limo Driver Gets Emotional Reuniting With Howard Before Telling Hypnotic Sex Story

“It feels weird seeing you … just seeing everybody else handling you, it bothers me,” Howard’s former head of security admits

May 3, 2023

After more than three years apart, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund reunited with Howard in Miami. But did it feel good?

“I was pretty depressed this morning, actually,” the semi-retired former head of security admitted to Howard Monday. “I saw your dude, you know, who took my place … just seeing everybody else handling you, it bothers me.”

“I know what you mean,” Howard agreed. “I knew it was going to set you off a little bit.”

Fortunately, Ronnie was prepared with a new sex story involving Stephanie and the relaxation tapes he uses from hypnotist Scott Schmaren. “In my crazy brain, I’m always thinking about different ways to have sex,” he said before recalling the idea he recently presented to fiancée Stephanie. “’I get so relaxed when I’m doing Schmaren tapes, what if I was like to get a blow job and blow my load while I’m really fucking relaxed and see how it feels? Would it be any different?’”

According to Ronnie, the experiment was a smashing success. “When I finished, I exploded, man. Like I almost passed out,” he revealed. “The intensity of fucking blowing my load was insane.”

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