Ronnie Mund and Stephanie Send out Their Save-the-Dates … to Mike Pearlman?

“You might’ve gotten a f-cking card by mistake but that’s about all you’re getting,” Howard’s former driver says of inadvertently inviting rival staffer

February 8, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“Shit just got real.” Those were the first words potential guests of Ronnie Mund and fiancée Stephanie’s 2023 wedding saw when they recently received their save-the-date cards. As it turns out, one person received the note in error — Stern Show staffer Mike Pearlman, whose friendship with Ronnie has been strained over the years. “[Stephanie] printed his up ‘cause originally he was on the list, and she sent it out,” Ronnie told Howard Wednesday of his fiancée accidentally sending a card to his rival.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Despite receiving the save-the-date, Pearlman should not read much into it. “Don’t look for an invitation,” Ronnie warned the staffer. “You might’ve gotten a fucking card by mistake but that’s about all you’re getting. This time, I will make sure it’s not there.”

Originally wanting a more intimate affair, Ronnie went on to explain how the nuptials have gotten so elaborate that he and Stephanie are even throwing a welcome party for guests to kick off the celebration. “It’s turning into a whole fucking shit show,” Howard’s former driver admitted. “But it will be fun, I guarantee that … until all the bills come.”

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