Ronnie Mund and Steve Nowicki Reveal Which Stern Show Staffers Would (and Would Not) Get Invited to Their Weddings

“I don’t know what I did to the guy,” Wolfie responds after Ronnie wouldn’t confirm his hypothetical invitation

November 9, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund and his longtime fiancée Stephanie still have not made an announcement on a wedding date, but that hasn’t stopped speculation on which Stern Show staffers would or would not be invited to witness the couple exchange vows. When pressed Wednesday morning, Ronnie appeared uncomfortable at the idea of having to make some hard decisions on a hypothetical guest list.

“That’s the whole thing with a fucking wedding, I mean who needs that shit? Who needs that aggravation?” he said after Howard wondered if Ronnie would invite Benjy Bronk — something he noted that he would do. “I like Benjy, I break his balls all the time and he knows I like him — we talk about personal things.”

Staffer Mike Pearlman, who has repeatedly been accused of tampering with Ronnie’s breakfast bagel once, would probably make the cut. “I know he fucked with it, and he’ll never admit it [but] most likely yes,” Ronnie said before giving colleague Jon Blitt the green light as well. “Blitt has to be [invited], he’s my guy … he’s my handler.”

And while it wasn’t shocking to find out that Mike Fox, who has feuded with Ronnie in the past, would probably not get invited, it was a surprise to everyone when he wouldn’t confirm the invites of Wolfie and Jason Kaplan. “If I was having a party, I would invite Wolfie,” Ronnie revealed, stopping short of a nuptial invite. “There’s got to be a cutoff line and … that’s why we’re discussing things.”

“That hurts … You said a lot by not saying anything,” Wolfie responded. “I don’t know what I did to the guy … we talk every morning … If I’m the only guy … to not get invited, that would be rough.”

“Message received,” Jason said of what he perceived as a snub. “Ronnie was a big part of my wedding, but I understand times have changed.”

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate privately reached out to Ronnie to try and find out if there’s a set date but insists he doesn’t automatically assume he will be invited. “I’m not taking it as given that I’m invited,” he told Howard. “He does not have to invite me. I always say for anybody … it’s an honor to be invited and I would not be mad if I wasn’t.”

Another staffer who is getting married soon is Steve Nowicki, who also reached out to Ronnie to make sure there was no risk of the two having the same wedding day. While he confirmed Wolfie and JD will receive invitations, at least one colleague will not — Mike Fox. “I had to make the cut somewhere and I’m sad to say that Mike did not make the cut,” he admitted before turning his attention to his coworker. “I love you Mike but, you know, there’s only so many invites.”

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