Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund and Stephanie Are Finally Tying the Knot!

Howard’s former head of security and his longtime fiancée are set to wed next fall

December 13, 2022

It’s happening. After more than six years after getting engaged, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund and longtime fiancée Stephanie are getting hitched. “We’re getting married this fall, okay?” he told Howard Tuesday after getting pressured to reveal the big news he teased recently. “That’s the big announcement.”

As Howard’s former head of security recounted, he got the ball rolling on the Fall 2023 event when Stephanie was out of town on business. “I got a bug up my ass to go talk to somebody about it … I wanted to surprise her when she came back that I had went and talked to these people,” Ronnie noted of speaking with wedding planners.

“How do you get another thing up there?” co-host Robin Quivers joked.

Although Ronnie wanted something much smaller, he reluctantly agreed to have the larger affair that Stephanie wants. “I would be thrilled to like do it at City Hall or whatever and then just have the big party afterwards with everybody,” he admitted.

“He doesn’t want to stand up there and have the traditional wedding that you have when you’re 20 fucking years old, but he’s got to do it to please his young fiancée,” Howard interpreted, before predicting the behavior of guests — many of whom will likely be Stern Show staffers. “The ball busting’s going to be unbelievable.”

Sal Governale, Mike Pearlman, and Jon Blitt all confirmed Howard’s point and Ronnie’s fear. “You know how people throw rice at the wedding? I’m going to throw pills of stool softener, and then when Ronnie walks down the aisle, I’m going to follow him with a wheel chair in case he falls,” Sal announced.

“It’s so hard to take him seriously,” Mike Pearlman, who has been critical of Ronnie’s style lately, admitted. “Everything about him is like such a joke so seeing him in any type of serious matter like walking down the aisle getting married at 70-plus years old is going to be funny. But then again … I don’t want to be in his head when he’s getting married.”

“I think I might grow a Ronnie mustache for the wedding and dress exactly like him and tell people I’m his illegitimate son from a past marriage — I’ll tell that to Kurt Busch,” Jon Blitt added.

Fred Norris, who Ronnie confirmed will receive an invite, is willing to bring a plus one — the infamous Ronnie puppet. “I actually even volunteered [for the puppet] to be the best man,” Fred said with a laugh. “I would be willing to stand next to Ronnie at the altar … I’ll put a fucking black thing over me, and it will be the Ronnie puppet.”

When Stephanie eventually joined in on the discussion, she said she was hoping that her usually gruff partner would show a more sensitive part of himself. “I think we’ll finally get to see the side of Ronnie that I always get to see,” she remarked

“This is the wedding of the century,” Howard said before jokingly assuring Stephanie that she will indeed have the union of her dreams, “Sal and Blitt, they’ll see to it.”

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