VIDEO: Howard Weighs In on the Passing of Controversial Televangelist Pat Robertson

“What an awful man,” the King of All Media says

June 12, 2023

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers spent time Monday discussing the recent death of controversial televangelist, broadcaster, and one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson. He was 93.

“I can’t say a fucking good word about Pat Robertson. What an awful man,” Howard said, pointing out many people will rightfully remember Robertson for not only his broadcasting success and his religious coalition’s influence on conservative politics, but also for his hateful remarks, bigoted proclamations, and bogus prophecies.

“I’m struggling. I’m trying to find something good to say,” Howard said before pointing to how Robertson had a habit of “equating a terrible tragedy with his view of the world.” He then played a selection of Robertson telling falsehoods about everything from pacts with the devil to mac and cheese.

If Howard could find a bright side, it was that Robertson’s “hateful and insane” sermons often provided great fodder for the show. “I guess I will miss doing my impression of Pat,” he said before playing a few classic phony phone calls featuring his Robertson impression.

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