Howard Comments on Jo Koy and the 2024 Golden Globes Controversy

“No wonder no one wants this gig — you can’t make fun of anybody anymore,” he says of host’s controversial roasting of Taylor Swift

January 8, 2024

Howard and Robin weighed in on comedian Jo Koy hosting the 81st Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, merely 10 days after he supposedly accepted the gig. Koy has received some tough criticism — particularly regarding a joke he made about Taylor Swift that she appeared to disapprove of.

“No wonder no one wants this gig — you can’t make fun of anybody anymore,” Howard said on Monday morning before noting that veteran hosts like Jimmy Kimmel often have months to prepare for a job of that magnitude. “They work their asses off … you’re kind of doomed if you don’t have some time to put thought into it.”

Claiming he didn’t find the joke to be that mean, Howard used the incident as an example of why he would never host an awards show. “Standing up there and telling those jokes to a bunch of people who don’t want to be laughed at is the biggest bummer in the world,” he explained. “Hollywood has no sense of humor about itself … if you’re shelling out 25, 30 percent of your income on publicists and agents … you don’t want to be goofed on on television.”

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