Howard Congratulates Radio Legend Jim Kerr on 50 Years of Broadcasting in New York

“I’m going to be here until they drag me kicking and screaming out of the studio,” Kerr tells Howard

March 19, 2024

Howard enjoyed a warm and candid conversation with Radio Hall of Famer Jim Kerr on Tuesday as he congratulated the legendary media personality on 50 years of broadcasting in New York City. The conversation, simulcast on both SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show and Kerr’s WAXQ morning show, covered topics ranging from why both stars love broadcasting to Kerr’s upbringing, influences, and off-air life. They also spoke about Jim’s unparalleled longevity and the future of his career.

“I’m going to be here until they drag me kicking and screaming out of the studio, which as we know will happen someday,” Kerr told Howard of his future in broadcasting. “I just want to prolong this as long as I can because it’s fun.”

Discussing his influences, Kerr revealed he was profoundly shaped by the Beatles when he was a kid and then later by watching one of his early radio colleagues—iconic newsman Paul Harvey—in action. “It was incredible just to watch him,” Kerr said of Harvey. “All of his stories, he had special pauses he would put in there for dramatic effect, and then—boom—right at the exact second that newscast was over he’d say, ‘good day!’”

Howard wasn’t about to end the interview before expressing his appreciation for everything Kerr has accomplished over the course of his career. “Listen Jim, I want to congratulate you [on] 50 years of radio [in New York] — and not just crummy radio — you’ve been at the top of your game all this time … My hat is off to you,” Howard said. “I wish you luck in love and career and continued success … You are what we call a real pro, and a real success, and a real inspiration.”

Jim seemed touched. “I never thought that the two of us, after all these years, would actually be on the radio together—and I was nervous,” he told Howard. “I love the radio, you love the radio, and why do we love the radio? Because we love the people who listen to the radio. It’s those people who allow us to be on the radio,” Kerr added before saying goodbye.

“What a career,” Howard said after his guest signed off. “I was honored to talk to him.”

“Yes, that was very informative,” co-host Robin Quivers agreed. “He does [his job] in a way that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and he made a career out of that, but we learned about Jim Kerr like we never knew before.”

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