Howard vs. Robin: Who’s The Pickier Eater?

September 28, 2015
Photo: Joe DeMaria Photo: Joe DeMaria

Howard opened up the phone line to a caller who wanted to tell him about the inflammatory properties of eggplant after hearing of Howard’s takeout dinner ritual. Robin confirmed that it was a nightshade issue.

“I’m running out of foods to eat … I do all the rights things and then you find out it’s all wrong!” Howard complained.

Robin went out to dinner with Howard on Saturday night and initially thought there was only pumpkin ravioli because he had asked her if she liked that. After ordering it she found out there were other options and didn’t want to eat that many grains, so she tracked down the waiter and changed her order to fish. Howard said he couldn’t keep up with what she did and did not eat.

Who do you think is the pickier eater?