Seth Rogen Calls in From Michael Strahan’s Dressing Room

Actor also talks auditioning for his role in "Steve Jobs"

October 5, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Even though funnyman Seth Rogen is coming in for a live appearance in November, he has so many projects going on that he called in this morning to give an update on his latest film “Steve Jobs,” where he plays Steve Wozniak, opposite Michael Fassbender.

Though the film is based off of the book by Walter Isaacson, Rogen admitted he had not read the book. “I lied to Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin about reading the book – and I lied to Walter Isaacson’s face not two days ago about reading the book!” Rogen recalled with a laugh.

Howard was surprised Seth had to audition for the part considering he’s such a big star, but Rogen said he understood. “You would want to make sure that I didn’t ruin your fancy dramatic movie,” he said.

A couple of minutes into the call, Seth told Howard he was actually phoning in from Michael Strahan’s dressing room as he prepared to go on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael.” He also said he was just “a little bit” high.

Speaking of smoking pot, Rogen told Howard that filming “Steve Jobs” was the first time in a long time that he wasn’t baked for the large majority of the time. “My real fear was getting like dragged into a corner by Danny Boyle and him like looking at me and being like, ‘Are you fucking high right now, man?'”

“It’s just an amazing movie” though, Seth said.

As the conversation progressed, it became increasingly clear Strahan’s crew wanted Seth to leave the football player turned TV host’s dressing room. Eventually, Strahan hopped onto the phone himself. “Howard, hello man. I love you, but I’m not talking to you. I can’t afford to have my relationships break up again,” he joked.

Seth eventually had to leave. “They genuinely don’t want me in this room. This is not a joke,” he noted.

But Seth promised to return to the Stern Show studio in November and fill Howard and his listeners in then.

Check out audio from Seth Rogen’s phone call with Howard (below).