Steve Rannazzisi Confronts 9/11 Lie

October 6, 2015

Comedian and actor Steve Rannazzisi (“The League,” Comedy Central) came to the show this morning to break his silence about the controversy that arose in September when the New York Times exposed his elaborate 14-year fabrication about being in World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Rannazzisi explained that he wanted to do it on the Stern Show because “you’re personified with New York,” he said to Howard. “I know that [your] audience are the people that I want to say ‘I’m sorry’ to.”

During the course of the interview Steve addressed when he first told the lie and how it grew quickly from there as well as the effect on his family and career, what his therapist said, and his thoughts on Brian Williams among other topics.

Read more about his comments here.

Steve Rannazzisi Post-Interview

“I found that very, very heavy,” Howard said coming out of the interview. “We’re all just sort of exhausted from it.”

Robin said she was rethinking her opinion about a debate they were having before Steve came in about whether Steve’s lie or people who lie about being in the military was worse. Howard still thought the military ones worse. “I’m weirded out by the whole thing,” he noted.

While callers were chomping at the bit to get a hold of Rannazzisi, Howard only turned to the phones after he left. Many shared the sentiment of one caller that “he’s got to face the music a little more.”