Surprisingly Good Questions: Score One For Bobo

November 9, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard picked up a call from Bobo later in the morning, who immediately fired off a couple of surprisingly good questions.

First he wondered if Howard is happy with how the SiriusXM subscriber base has grown in the past year from around 25 million to over 28 million. Howard replied that he was very pleased with the numbers considering when they first started ten years ago, Sirius only had 400,000 subscribers. He also reminded Robin that she vowed to bare her breasts for them if they hit 30 million subscribers — something she said she had hoped they’d forget.

Bobo followed up his first question with one that many people have been wondering about. What was his “mind-blowing offer” that he eluded to a few months ago?

“From time to time in my career, when it rains it pours,” Howard explained. Though he wouldn’t explicitly say what they were, he told Bobo that he received two similar offers from two different networks. “They were what I would call a dream job at this point in my life,” he said.

Just last week, Howard’s agent called with yet another offer that would be “beyond my wildest dreams,” he said. Robin guessed that it was some sort of a game show, but Howard wouldn’t say.

Still, he’s not cutting ties with radio. “I’m really enjoying the people I work with,” Howard said, and definitely would love to continue.

“I’m trying to figure out who the f-ck I am and what I want to be doing.”