Whoopi Goldberg Offers Life Advice

November 10, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Taking a moment away from her main gig as host of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg returned to the studio to catch up with Howard and talk about her new book If Someone Says ‘You Complete Me,’ RUN!: Whoopi’s Big Book of Relationships.”

Check out some of the highlights below!

Remembering the Late Mike Nichols

Last night Whoopi spoke at a tribute for iconic film and theater director-producer Mike Nichols, who was a very special mentor throughout her life.

“He prepared me for a lot of stuff, but he didn’t prepare me for not having him in my life,” Goldberg told Howard. “It’s like Robin [Williams],” she continued.

Nichols was the one who brought Whoopi’s show to Broadway. “It’s his fault I’m here,” she joked.

“And he recognized you not only as a great actress, but as a great comedienne, right?” Howard prodded.

At the memorial event, Whoopi managed to do a three-minute speech. “It was really hard. It was really, really hard,” she said. Other speakers included Tom Stoppard and Nichols’ brother. Paul Simon also performed.

Relationship Advice

Whoopi’s new book is dedicated to offering relationship and general life advice — something she knows sounds a bit weird considering she’s had three “unsuccessful” marriages.

“I think a lot of people would call this politically incorrect advice,” Howard noted. And if you’re looking for an example, look no further than her thoughts on using prostitutes — though it’s not as bad as it may sound.

It stemmed from her experience talking to a friend with cerebral palsy who told his wife that she should use a prostitute to take care of her sexual needs because he didn’t want her to fall in love with someone else.

“And I think that that’s OK for couples to talk about if something happens,” Whoopi explained. People need to break the taboo.

And that’s not the only taboo she would like to do away with. She’s on a mission to end the outrageous stigma around farting — especially for people who hold it in just because their significant other is around. “It’s horrifying to me,” she groaned.

Whoopi, who’s nickname comes from her childhood flatulence, couldn’t offer a specific reason why she was so gassy, but figured it had to do with her diet.

Clarifying Her Bill Cosby Comments

Goldberg has made headlines in recent months for comments many perceived to be supportive of comedy legend and accused rapist Bill Cosby.

Whoopi clarified: “I get that all of these people are saying this happened, but we need some facts in order to remove him … I don’t know enough.”

“You always want to make sure, when there is an allegation,” she continued, “that you have enough proof to put that person away … unlike the Duke lacrosse team, you know, who got raked over the coals and lost all of their opportunities and then it turned out not to be true.”

‘The View’: ‘It Ain’t My Show’

Amid questions about a constantly rotating cast of co-hosts, Whoopi told Howard: “Listen, I get a check. I work for ABC. I sit down — whoever’s at the table, that’s who I talk to … I don’t control it.”

She also addressed Rosie O’Donnell’s seemingly contentious departure, saying that it had “nothing to do” with her. “Much more was made in the press about shit that wasn’t happening. And for some reason — I don’t know what it is, but when you put four or five women together, they have to make it a fight. It wasn’t a fight with us. Rosie was going through all kinds of stuff.”

The Wonders of Medical Pot

Whoopi is renowned for her love of vape pens, and today she told Howard exactly why.

After giving up smoking cigarettes only four years ago, Whoopi found herself unable to smoke anything, but then she got sick. “I have a weird thing, which means that at some point you’re going to lose your sight,” she explained. “That’s what glaucoma does.”

Her symptoms have included loss of vision and swelling within the muscles of her eyes, which has caused her to stop reading books (now favoring audio books) and severe headaches. “There is stuff you can do that keeps it at bay, but it doesn’t fix it.”

The one thing she found to alleviate some of her symptoms, was smoking marijuana. “If I start to get a headache, you know, I hit the pen. It’s great.”

Whoopi has even partnered with a company to create a line of topicals for women that utilizes CBD, one of the non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana that has been found to have strong medicinal properties.