The Bobo Phony Phone Call

November 11, 2015

Yesterday, Howard touted that he had one of the best phony phone calls ever to play, but would be waiting until today to reveal it — teasing that it included Bobo’s list of awards and achievements.

Before playing the clip, Howard got Bobo on the phone to try and explain all of his awards. According to Bobo, he probably has around 70 in total, the most prestigious of which is the “National Safety Council: Top Instructor.” Among the collection though there are several “suggestion awards” and other dubious examples. Bobo said you wouldn’t understand unless you’re a “veteran of the service” … the postal service, that is.

A woman then called in who said she took Bobo’s driving class within the past couple of years, but didn’t realize it until she heard him listing his awards on the Stern Show because he did the exact same thing in the class for about 15 minutes.

She also said that the only time Bobo got applause during the class was when he let them out 30 minutes early. Bobo, wholeheartedly denied all of the allegations and told Howard he didn’t believe this woman was actually in his class — she seemed to have enough stories from it that it’s unlikely she was faking though (“lean and look” anyone?).

“You’re a damn liar!” Bobo screamed. “Howard, this woman’s disparaging me and I don’t like it.”

If it counts for anything, the woman admitted she had not had an accident since taking Bobo’s class. Score one for Bobo’s teachings.

Listen to the incredible prank call above.