JD’s Bed Sheets Are Clean … For Now

November 16, 2015
David Glantz David Glantz

In an update to last week’s troubling revelation, JD Harmeyer revealed that he had, in fact, finally washed his sheets after more than a year of [ab]use on the heels of concern from his girlfriend.

A laundering service got the honor of returning the sheets to their former glory … minus the toll a year’s worth of JD has taken on them.

Howard also addressed reports that JD had asked webcam girls to print out photos of porn stars to make out with as he watched.

“Sure. I guess. Yeah,” he answered uncomfortably, to which Robin exclaimed: “You do know; you did it!”

“Your mind is dirtier than your sheets,” Howard told the young man he refers to as “the son [he] never had.”