Show Rundown: Tuesday November 17, 2015

Bree Olson responds to news of Charlie Sheen's HIV and Seth Rogen stops by

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard opened the show this morning revealing to Robin that he refrained from masturbating last night even though Beth had gone out because he was nervous maybe she had forgotten something and would come back and walk in on him.

If he had, though, Howard said he probably would have seen's red, white, and blue logo tribute to the Paris terror victims and supports them doing that.

In addition to Seth Rogen dropping by the studio, Howard revealed that Charlie Sheen's ex-girlfriend and frequent Stern Show guest Bree Olson would be coming by later in the morning in light of Sheen's admission on the "TODAY" show that he has been HIV positive for years. Bree got tested on Monday and brought her results to reveal in addition to telling her side of the story -- which is in contradiction to his comments to Matt Lauer.

Neil Young's Early Performance of "Old Man"

Howard was also excited about a video he saw making the rounds online featuring a 26-year-old Neil Young performing his hit "Old Man" for one of the first times after writing it.

"It's ridiculously good," he said.

Bree Olson Breaks Her Silence On Charlie Sheen

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Actress, retired porn star, soon-to-be author, and friend of the Stern Show Bree Olson drove all night from Indiana to New York City to talk to Howard this morning at nearly the same time her ex-boyfriend, Charlie Sheen, was admitting to Matt Lauer that he was indeed HIV positive.

Read the full story here and listen to the highlights below:

Jeff The Drunk Tix Are Selling Out

As you may have heard, Jeff The Drunk's one-night extravaganza in LA was opened up to 40 lucky people and today, the longtime Wack Packer called in to announce that there are only 8 tickets left to the December 2nd event -- so if you were thinking of going, now's the time to decide!

There will be live cooking. There will be a Q&A. There will be karaoke. And of course, there will be Jeff the Drunk. More info and tickets can be found here.

Bobo's Got A Question & It Ain't So Bad

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bobo called in later in the morning and hit Howard with a slow ball wondering if he thought six months into retirement David Letterman was upset with his decision.

"I think Bobo really is running out of questions, because I've spoken about Letterman's retirement, about the beard," Howard chided him. "You know my feelings are that he got pushed out."

Looking to redeem himself, Bobo threw a curveball at Fred asking him to tell the story of his name-change. Fred was relentless in telling Bobo how bad of a question it was and insisting that he was just "rehashing old stuff" in an attempt to be relevant. But Howard disagreed, telling Bobo that he "hit it out of the park" with that question.

Though Fred has discussed the changes to his first and last name before, today's explanation turned into an intriguing conversation for both superfans and casual listeners alike with some details you may have never heard before.

Tune in to the full show on Howard 100 to hear how he went from a guy named Fred Leo Nukis to a guy named Eric Fred Norris who still goes by Fred.

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