Tan Mom: Wack Pack Or Not?

November 16, 2015
Photo: Associated Press

Howard read an email he received from a listener who passionately fought to dismantle Tan Mom‘s membership to the Wack Pack, arguing that she doesn’t elicit any sort of sympathy like the other members do.

Howard said that a few celebrity superfans evidently agree, including Natalie Maines, Mark McGrath, and Horatio Sanz.

Nevertheless, Howard was unmoved. “I am telling you that Tan Mom is a Wack Packer … The criteria for me is that she’s wacky,” he explained. And to be fair, he created it, so the King of All Media’s judgment stands: Tan Mom is in the Wack Pack.

Reinforcing his verdict, Howard brought in Shuli, who is in touch with Tan Mom about her upcoming boxing match against a transsexual woman who used to be a man. “Vodka’s her Gatorade,” he told listeners as he recounted her last match.