JD Gets Schooled By A Cleaning Expert

November 17, 2015
Doc Ivan Doc Ivan

Jolie Kerr, cleaning expert and author of Deadspin’s “Ask A Clean Person” column left a voicemail for the Stern Show lambasting JD for not washing his sheets for a year.

She told JD he is “assuredly sleeping in fecal matter, in urine” and other nasty substances, explaining that his sweat collects and leads to the development of bacteria. So if he has even just a scrape on him, the bacteria could enter his bloodstream.

Shuli went to the streets to find out if any woman would hypothetically be willing someone who didn’t wash their sheets and the answers ranged the “No” gamut from “Hell No” to “That’s Disgusting.”

JD’s Bed Sheets themselves called in and pleaded: “I need to be thrown in the garbage or set on fire.”