Jason 'The Jew' Kaplan Is Baffled By Orlando

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Stern Show's Jason Kaplan went to Orlando for a vacation recently and told Howard that he got some really weird vibes as a Jew down there.

The first night at his hotel, he and his wife were celebrating their anniversary – so the staff brought up champagne. Jason said he tipped the guy $20 because he didn't have any change, to which the guy exclaimed: "I knew the second I saw your name on the sheet I'd get a good tip," verbosely explaining that Jews give the best tips. Next, a different guy who brought them food on Thanksgiving made a very similar comment when he tipped him.

Moreover, Jason went out to brunch with a guy in Orlando that he didn't know all too well and when he picked up a bagel, the guy, who wasn't Jewish, quipped that he was going for the "stereotypical" choice.

What's going on with people in Orlando? Have they never seen a Jew before?