Show Rundown: Tuesday December 1, 2015

Adam Driver makes his first appearance on the show to promote his role in the new Star Wars film

December 1, 2015

Good Morning Everybody!

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Opening the show today, Howard celebrated Robin’s epic performance of Adele’s “Hello” again – this time with a matching music video.

After Benjy Bronk’s dyed beard caught his eye, Howard told him he should be taking more of a Steven Tyler approach. The Aerosmith frontman has highlights. “It’s feminine, but it works!” Howard told him.

Bill Murray has a Christmas special coming out on Netflix and Howard saw a promo of Bill dancing with Miley Cyrus recently and wondered if anyone wanted to bang Miley. “If I were twenty years younger, yeah,” Fred responded. Benjy, on the other hand, said: “I have a girlfriend.”

What’s On TV?

Howard really likes “Into The Badlands,” which airs right after “The Walking Dead,” but veteran TV critic and staffer Jon Hein has been very critical of the show. Fred sided with Howard that he’s been liking it as well though.

Howard started to list his top five favorite shows on television now, but only settled on the top two: “The Walking Dead” and “Gotham.” Others that he really likes include “Homeland,” “The Good Wife,” and “Ray Donovan.”

Jon thinks “Fargo” (on FX) is the best show on television. JD came in and said he really loves “The Knick.”

Gary brought up JD’s odd viewing habits like the fact that he refuses to watch any streaming shows because his DVR is too filled up and he wants to get through that first. He also watched five seasons of “The Wire” on 1.5x speed to get through it quicker.

Yucko The Clown Is Doing OK

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Yucko The Clown called in this morning and asked if Howard was watching “Jessica Jones” on Netflix as he loves it.

Yucko had a big turnaround in his life with the cartoon a couple of years ago, but has apparently returned to “loser-ville,” as Howard put it. “I like Yucko a lot; I hope he does ok,” he added though.

Adam Driver Stops In

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You may know him from “Girls,” but Adam Driver is stepping into a new major role later this month that, by all accounts, has the possibility to catapult his career – lead villain Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The 32-year-old former Marine stopped by the Stern Show studio for the first time this morning. Hear some highlights below and check out the full story here.

Adam also co-founded Arts in the Armed Forces, a group dedicated to bringing the best modern American theater to members of the military, free of charge. Visit their website here.

Tan Mom Calls In

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Later in the morning, Tan Mom herself called in to address reports that she was trying to make Sal jealous by going after Memet. “This is unbelievable, cut to the chase. Sal and I have always just been friends,” she rambled.

While reports from the back office have been putting her calls at 15-20 times a day, Tan Mom insisted it wasn’t so. “I called probably like 3 times once in a while.”

In other Tan Mom news, Howard is worried that she will be fighting a woman who used to be a man in her next boxing match. The former man was a Boston cop and Marine as well. Howard said he thought she was going to get her ass kicked. “I beg to differ … I work out every day now,” Tan Mom countered.

Wolfie covered Tan Mom’s last boxing match and said that she was chugging beer on her way to the ring. He’s also scared for her well being in the fight.

Geraldo Rivera’s Handshake Deal

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Howard said he read in the news that Geraldo Rivera may be gearing up to sue WABC-AM after a handshake deal went awry.

Howard said he likes Geraldo on “The Five.” “He’s really good … He should be on all the time.” Fred, meanwhile, fondly remembered his boxing match with Frank Stallone where Rivera was totally outmatched. “He has balls.”

Mariann From Brooklyn Calls In

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The shrill-voiced longtime Wack Packer called in this morning and told Howard she saw Beth on TODAY. She’s thrilled you’re not doing AGT and so am I,” she commented.

Mariann also wanted to bring up the fact that Howard and Beth at one point fostered 18 cats at once and Howard was extremely passionate and 100% behind Beth in her efforts.

Beth’s new book, Yoda Gets A Buddy,” is out today!

The Jeff Cough Game

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Howard offered Robin the opportunity to play a game and she gladly obliged. The aim of it was to determine if the cough Howard played was from Jeff the Drunk or a terminally ill patient.

Amazingly, she got all six correct in a row. “Robin, you’ve done the impossible!” Howard praised.

The Wendy Rhyming Game

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A caller then got a chance to play a game for the chance to win Robin’s coveted Bobby Badfingers bobble head. He would just have to guess if Wendy the Slow Adult could rhyme with a given word or not.

Practice round:

What rhymes with fool? Pool.

Guess: Yes. Answer: Yes.

Best Out Of 5:

What rhymes with pop? Bunny

Guess: Yes. Answer: No.

What rhymes with pain? Rain

Guess: Yes. Answer: Yes.

What rhymes with grace? Gravy

Guess: No. Answer: No.

What rhymes with grass? Rat

Guess: Yes. Answer: No.

What rhymes with ball?

Guess: Yes. Answer: No.

Unfortunately the caller lost, but he had fun nonetheless.