Memet Walker Is Getting Attention From Both Male and Female Fans

Stern Show staffer admits he's sent some photos to one of his female admirers

December 1, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary Dell’Abate brought up the fact that Captain Janks had emailed him hopinh to get Stern Show staffer Memet Walker to hook up with him.

“It’s so creepy! I mean, I’m flattered, but I’m not interested,” Memet told Howard.

Howard wondered if Memet would do it for $5,000 but the possibility didn’t seem likely. Will Murray then came into the studio and said Memet was being contacted by girls who heard him on the show. “And they’re tens,” he said, wondering where all these girls were when he was single. With the rise of social media and various dating apps, he said the scene had really been revolutionized and he felt like he’d been put “out to pasture” now as the older guy after years as the reigning hottest staff member.

Memet apparently considering meeting one hot woman from Upstate New York who’d sent him pictures, but staffer Ronnie Mund cautioned him against it as it could be dangerous. Howard told Gary to try and book her to come into the studio for next week to vet her for Memet, who’d apparently already sent her some photos.

Howard was incredulous when Will told him a new bit will be centered around Memet’s experience with a dating app for threesomes. “That’s not a bit, it’s a dream come true you idiot!” staffer Sal Governale agreed.