Beth Stern Stops by the Stern Show!

Howard's wife stops by to promote her second book "Yoda Gets a Buddy"

December 2, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“This is my beautiful wife Beth who I love very much,” Howard gleamed as she walked in. “I wore this dress for you – a tittie dress for you,” she shot back.

Beth’s second children’s book, “Yoda Gets A Buddy,” was released yesterday and she’s fresh off some exciting promotional events. Mariann from Brooklyn came to one of the book signings in New Jersey and bought about 50 books, all of which Beth signed. Mariann also gifted her a pillow that says “You Had Me At Meow,” which Beth said she put in the kitten room at home. And they’re going to need that pillow considering Beth revealed they have 17 foster cats currently with six more of their own.

David Spade did the audiobook this time around, but Beth told Robin, who did the audiobook for the first book, that representatives from Simon and Schuster told her it sold really well. She also revealed that Robin reached out to her privately about the Yoda naming snafu to explain how she named her own cat Yoda … despite clearly knowing Beth and Howard’s had the same name.

Howard asked Beth a few questions throughout the morning from the staff about their private life and revealed a few interesting tidbits.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Does Beth blame Howard for making them leave early from events?

Yes … but Howard accuses Beth of the same thing.

Does she think Howard will regret leaving “America’s Got Talent”?

“Without a doubt, he will not regret it.”

Who from the staff do Beth and Howard gossip about the most?

“I was hearing about Benjy’s beard yesterday … I’m going to be honest, I like it,” she answered.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show


If you could change anything about him, what would it be? (From King Of All Blacks)

“He thinks he’s fat, and I hear about that all day long.”

Does Beth think Howard will ever be able to retire?


What’s more disgusting – a guy who doesn’t change his sheets for a year or a guy who only brushed his teeth once in all of high school?

“The teeth – but the sheets are really disgusting.” Beth also expressed interest in giving JD another makeover. “JD, we have to talk.”

Addressing a lingering question, Robin also wondered when Beth and Howard would be seeing George Takei in “Allegiance,” and they both insisted that they would be going to see it soon.

And finally, if nothing else, Beth’s appearance on the show this morning cemented the love she and Howard share as she teared up speaking about how much she adores her husband.”You’re the best. You’re the greatest husband ever … I’m so lucky; I’m not even joking,” she gushed.

“I love you and I love what you’re doing,” Howard responded.