Gary’s Christmas Card

December 9, 2015
Photo: Howard Stern Productions

Discussion turned back to Gary’s Christmas card blunder much to his dismay, but Howard pointed out that he got a lot of flak from listeners about how he treated his longtime producer.

“Howard you grumpy prick, go back to bed,” one email read. Howard maintained that it showed a “lack of organization” on Gary’s part and one listener agreed: “Here’s news for you Gary, Howard is almost always right.”

Reports from the back office noted that Gary seemed genuinely hurt yesterday. “I don’t understand why I get so upset about this,” he said before trying to get off-topic by reminding Howard of his bizarre bar stools at home that he got slammed for a while ago. Howard took the bait, but soon returned to the topic and hand.

He also had some advice for Gary on the actual card: “Don’t stand dead-on, square-shouldered to the camera. It makes you look fat.”