Bobo’s Anxiety Is Through The Roof

December 14, 2015

Everybody’s “favorite caller,” Bobo, called in under a great deal of stress this morning due to not knowing what Howard is going to do. “Hey now Howard, my anxiety is through the roof right now,” he sputtered out.

JD sent Howard some Periscopes Bobo had done recently despite and Howard wondered why he was still live-streaming when he told them he would stop months ago. “He is so bad it at,” Howard added.

In the clips, Bobo is heard slamming Jeff the Drunk (“f-ckin’ jealous f-ck”), giving safety tips, and more.

Shuli came in to explain that he’s currently going through Bobo’s resume, which is upwards of 30 pages long with letters, articles, and awards among other sections.

Bobo also had a question this morning — well more of a statement – about how Trump is ahead in the latest polls and Howard and Robin should plan to go to the “inaugural ball.”

Despite the terrible delivery, Howard reluctantly took the bait. “It is easy to see why Trump is resonating with a large part of America,” he said before reflecting that people are losing faith in the government.