High Pitch Wants A Flat Ronnie

December 15, 2015
Photo: Twitter

In true form, High Pitch Erik called in to congratulate Howard on his new deal and tacked on that he would really love a Flat Ronnie. JD chimed in that it was just “more free stuff” to Erik and he wouldn’t actually do anything with it. Howard agreed that he’d rather give it to Joey Boots who’d get it on TV.

“Howard, I will go to the “TODAY” Show and hold the Flat Ronnie when Al Roker does the weather,” the over-400 lb. Wack Packer insisted.

Gary thought they should “go crazy” and give him one, but JD and Fred were adamant that he shouldn’t. “He can’t get around with a Flat Ronnie,” Robin added.

Shuli said Erik told him he would cut the mouth out of the Flat Ronnie and “mouth f-uck” it.

“The tribe has spoken – you’re not getting a Flat Ronnie,” Howard concluded.

Later in the show, High Pitch was fuming and sent multiple messages that said, “I’m quitting the show until I get a Flat Ronnie!”

The jury is still out, but as of now, High Pitch Erik will not be getting a Flat Ronnie.