Benjy Has Mixed Emotions

Howard on Benjy's Sirius deal reactions.

January 5, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After some discussion surrounding Benjy Bronk’s blacker-and-burlier-than-ever beard, Pittsburgh Pete called in to tell Howard that he’s been following Benjy online and it seems that he has mixed emotions over the new Sirius deal.

Asked to address this, Benjy more or less agreed, telling Howard he has to be “just the writer” for another five years and at some point wants to have more. “I love what I do; it’s mentally very interesting,” Benjy explained, but his aspirations go further.

The problem — despite the fact that he is only in the office three days a week for four hours a day – according to Benjy is his sleep schedule. He can’t get in under control enough to chase his dreams of doing standup. Howard tried to sort out how he could easily schedule it all out, but gave up in the end, as Benjy wasn’t being receptive.

Shuli, a working standup comedian himself, came in and tried to talk some sense into Benjy, which turning into a bit of a yelling match. Benjy also swayed a bit on the standup front saying he might want to do something in radio or a talk show.

“Just strike out on your own. You know who struck out on their own and did very well? Jackie,” Howard joked.

Gary said that Benjy doesn’t really talk to anyone in the back office anymore and asked what he does when he leaves. “I cry,” the “depressed” Benjy admitted.