Gary the Conqueror Calls the Hotline

The Wack Packer called in from California.

January 6, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In a roundabout story, Gary the Conqueror called in and from what could be understood, was apparently given the Stern Show hotline number while on a trip to California and has since been calling it nonstop to try and get through to Howard … but he didn’t actually have anything to say.

Howard took the opportunity to play a recording from Shuli, who had asked all of the Wack Packers what their favorite Stern Show bit was. In the recording, Gary clearly tells Shuli: “My favorite moment was the ISIS hotline.” Howard was baffled, wondering if Gary even knew what ISIS was.

It turned out that Shuli gave Gary a few choices to pick from, which explained everything and made it a whole lot less incredible.