Khloe Kardashian… Previously on the Howard Stern Show

Reality starlet returns to the show on Wednesday

January 7, 2016
Kim and Khloe Kardashian Visit the Howard Stern Show in 2009 Kim and Khloe Kardashian Visit the Howard Stern Show in 2009 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Today on the Stern Show: Khloe Kardashian

Today marks Khloe K.’s first solo appearance on the Show, but the reality starlet has previously visited the studio with her sister Kim Kardashian.

Howard spoke with the two “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” stars back in 2009, in a wide-ranging interview that touched upon everything from dating to her relationships with stepdad Bruce Jenner and former family friend O.J. Simpson.

Here’s a refresher on what they discussed:

The Kardashians’ Relationship With O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson's LAPD mugshot O.J. Simpson’s LAPD mugshot Photo: Los Angeles Police Department

O.J. Simpson’s murder trial had everyone glued to their TVs in the mid-’90s, but for Khloe and her family the case hit much closer to home. Back then, the ties between the Simpson and Kardashian families ran deep. After O.J. was accused of murder, Khloe’s high-powered Beverly Hills attorney father, Robert Kardashian, was brought on as a key member of Simpson’s defense team.

Khloe and Kim said it was a stressful time for their family, beginning with the now infamous police chase that saw O.J. trying to outrun law enforcement in his white Ford Bronco: “The Bronco chase happened from my Dad’s house,” Khloe told Howard. “We were very much in the heart of it all.”

“During the trial it was awful for us kids,” Khloe continued, later revealing she had once been “best friends” with Sydney Simpson, daughter of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson.

On Bruce Jenner as a Stepdad

"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Photo: E!

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner divorced Robert in 1991, when Khloe was still just a young girl, and a few months later Kris married gold medal Olympian Bruce Jenner. Given the timing, Howard wondered whether Kris had dated Bruce while she was still married to Robert. Khloe and Kim both said no, insisting that Kris hadn’t even meet Bruce until after her divorce.

Howard then wondered how the sisters felt about having Bruce become a part of their family. Khloe said that her “Keeping Up” co-star was in fact an excellent stepdad, in large part because he let their relationship evolve naturally: “He’s never tried to force himself on us as our dad and I love that.”

Khloe, Kim, and Howard also discussed the botched face lift Bruce got at a relatively young age, which the sisters explained happened after Bruce, who was sometimes insecure about his appearance, got talked into getting more plastic surgery than he originally wanted. The sisters also credited their stepdad with being brave enough to be appear on television and confront his issues head on.

Howard wondered whether they had ever seen him wandering around the house naked: “Eww, no. I would die,” Khloe said.

Once You Go Black…

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Photo: E!

When Khloe last spoke with Howard she had just married NBA star Lamar Odom, who happens to be African-American. Howard noted that she and Kim — who was dating NFL star Reggie Bush at the time — always tend to date black men.

Khloe said she was primarily attracted to black men, but Howard wondered whether there were ever any exceptions to that rule.

“Once you go black you just never go back,” Khloe said.

“Is that true?” Howard asked.

“For me,” she responded, confirming later that she had never been with a man who wasn’t black.

Since Odom is an extremely tall basketball player, Howard inquired about the size of his equipment. “It’s amazing,” Khloe told him. “It’s pretty fun.”

“You can handle something that big?” Howard asked in disbelief.

“Honey, yeah,” she said, adding that Lamar’s penis was the biggest she’d ever had. “It’s as big as Kim’s leg,” she joked.

DUI Arrest and “Celebrity Apprentice”

Khloe Kardashian on "Celebrity Apprentice" Khloe Kardashian on “Celebrity Apprentice” Photo: NBC

Khloe was arrested for DUI in March of 2007 and she didn’t shy away from discussing what happened with Howard.

“I had a couple too many drinks,” Khloe admitted. “I thought I was a lot less drunk than I really was.”

“I didn’t get into an accident. I ran a red light and they pulled me over,” she continued. “They gave me the test, I failed. They took me into jail that night. I was in for 19 hours,” adding that “everyone else was in there for prostitution.”

Khloe said she had learned her lesson and wouldn’t let anything like that ever happen again.

Earlier in 2009 Khloe had been a contestant on Season 8 of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” but Donald Trump fired her after learning of her DUI arrest. However, Khloe told Howard that producers knew about her run-in with the law well before they invited her on the show. Khloe told Howard that she suspected the real reason Trump wanted her gone from the series was that she didn’t deliver enough on-air drama.

“I think that’s why they kicked me off the show,” she said. “I was boring.”