Bigfoot Place the Face Game

A caller plays to see if Bigfoot can guess a celebrity from their photo.

February 2, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard offered one caller the chance to win $500 if he could get three out of five questions correct in the Bigfoot Place The Face Game where you have to guess if Bigfoot can identify famous people by their photo.

Practice: Mr. SpockCaller: NOBigfoot: “The one that plays on Star Wars … Stok … Lok … Wok?”

Elvis PresleyCaller: YESBigfoot: “Peter Frampton?”

E.T.Caller: YESBigfoot: “That’s E.T.”

Photo: PRPhotos

Bill ClintonCaller: YESBigfoot: “That’s President Bush.”

Unfortunately the first caller got too many wrong, so a second caller was given the chance to swoop in on the cash prize instead.

BatmanCaller: YESBigfoot: “That’s Batman.”

Photo: PRPhotos

Brad PittCaller: NOBigfoot: “Paul Newman?”

FrankensteinCaller: NOBigfoot: “Frankenstein.”

George WashingtonCaller: NOBigfoot: “That is Washington.”

Hillary ClintonCaller: YESBigfoot: “Hillary Clinton.”

Congratulations to Aaron from Dayton, Ohio!