Will the Farter…Previously on the Howard Stern Show

Celebrating 12 years of sounds and smells with the master in flatulence

February 2, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The time has come for justice to be served…and smelled. High Pitch Erik will enter Will the Farter’s gas chamber on Wednesday after being found guilty in Special People’s Court last week.

Lest anyone think Erik’s sentence is far too lenient, here’s a look back at some of Will the Farter’s most memorable appearances on the Stern Show in which he proved just how powerful his flatulence is.


Will the Farter made his Howard Stern Show debut in March of 2004 while attempting to break Junior the Farter’s impressive record of 464 farts in five minutes. With the clock ticking down and the whole world listening, Will was unable to take the title away from Junior, registering only 357 farts. However, Will did impress Howard with his ability to sustain a single fart – on this morning, one fart was officially recorded at 30 seconds in length.

Will the Farter and Junior the Farter Will the Farter and Junior the Farter Photo: The Howard Stern Show


Ahead of Howard’s arrival on satellite radio, it was decided that Will the Farter’s talent would be put to good use on the already up-and-running Stern channels. With no FCC regulations to adhere to, Will was free to fart as long as he wanted. In October of 2005, he went nearly five hours on-air doing nothing but farting into a microphone – an unforgettable day in radio history. To thank him for his entertaining broadcast, Howard gifted Will with an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas.


Erik won’t be the first person to ever face Will’s gaseous exploits on-air. Previous appearances on the show have featured Will farting on plug-seeking porn stars, adventurous strippers, and even Will’s own mother. On Jan. 28, 2008, Will brought in his adult film co-star Kissy Kapri and discussed how he appeared in a movie where he farted on several women on camera. Will and Kissy also had sex in the film, which Will later told Howard was “the biggest mistake” of his life.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show


On June 9, 2008, Will proved that there was a positive product that could come from his farting abilities – fine art. After pouring colorful paint into his own ass, Will farted onto a blank canvas, creating a Jackson Pollock-esque picture of his farts come to life. It was then that Artie Lange decided Will was no mere farter; he had in fact become the world’s first “fartist.”


If you thought Will would be unable to turn his farting into a marketable skill, you thought wrong. Despite repeatedly trumpeting his straightness, Will caters to a small online following of gay dudes who shell out money to watch him fart live on camera. In May of 2010, he also admitted to moonlighting as a gay phone sex operator who worked under the pseudonym “Brutal Master.” Howard, of course, wanted to chat with Brutal Master, so he asked Will to role play with him on-air. Sure enough, Will showed just how brutal he could be, calling Howard a “piece of shit” while ordering him to do sexual things.

Also, because virtual interactions aren’t always enough, Will the Farter has also made money by selling fans his own “used” boxers.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tune in Wednesday morning to hear High Pitch Erik face Will the Farter’s gas chamber.