High Pitch Erik Did Not Have A Stroke

The Wack Packer Clears The Air

April 5, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Despite reports that High Pitch Erik may have had a stroke, the Wack Packer called in from his hospital to clarify that doctors determined he probably had a seizure of some sort.

“I’m being released today,” he told Howard.

High Pitch explained how he had been watching TV and passed out. When he awoke, though it was Saturday, he was sure it was Sunday. “I was disoriented!” Erik exclaimed.

High Pitch said that his weight is down to 380 lbs., but the doctor had a nutritionist come by to give him some extra advice.

“I’m happy to hear that you are better,” Howard said, before urging Erik to try and take better care of his health.

Before hanging up, Howard asked Erik who he would be voting for and High Pitch confidently put his support behind “Pablo Rodriguez,” clearly not realizing Joey Boots’ prank from Monday yet.