Show Rundown: Monday April 11, 2016

Louis C.K. talks 'Horace and Pete,' SiriusXM Radio hits 30 million subscribers, and more!

April 11, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard took a few minutes Monday morning to remember Andy Newman of Thunderclap Newman who passed away in late March at the age of 73.

Fred Norris gave a bit of history about the band as Howard played their hit, “Something in the Air.”

Soon thereafter, Michael Rapaport announced the day’s special guest: Louis C.K.

Howard also said that he had a major announcement to make, and had to do it before 8am.

Bobo Auditions to Be the Stern Show Announcer

Photo: Twitter

Despite the fact that George Takei, the official announcer of the Howard Stern Show, is fortunately alive and well, Bobo apparently sent in an unsolicited tape to audition for the job.

After showing off with some sample talk-ups for Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Kimmel, and Takei himself, Howard joked that he may be “passing the audition.”

Howard also played tape from Donald Trump’s recent rally in Bethpage, Long Island where Stern staffer Steve Nowicki did a few interviews. One such interviewee boasted a voice that Howard thought really could be a fitting replacement when George Takei leaves us.

Tan Mom Wants to Sue New Jersey

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Later in the morning, Howard got Tan Mom on the line as she was reportedly upset after spending an hour on hold last week.

“I was upset until listening to you guys,” she clarified.

The Wack Packer, who was once featured on “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,” told Howard that the good doctor had a live five-year anniversary show on HLN and played a few clips of Tan Mom, which got her reflecting on her life.

“He was very kind,” Tan Mom said of Dr. Drew.

The point of her calling though, was that the show brought up a lot of memories, which has led her to seek legal counsel against the state of New Jersey for her five-day incarceration in the midst of 2012 accusations that she brought her then five-year-old daughter to tan. Tan Mom is claiming, according to Sal who deciphered the statements, that she was unfairly jailed and suffered abuse as a result.

High Pitch Erik & Joey Boots

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Since they were at Sirius for the announcement, Howard brought in Wack Packers High Pitch Erik and Joey Boots to find out how the former has been coping with news that the latter is moving out on his own.

“He seems to have accepted it,” Joey told Howard. Boots predicted that Erik will get worked up once it becomes a reality and Joey is physically moving out.

Erik explained that he has been very stressed lately – especially in light of the still-looming court case against Fred the Elephant Boy, whom he claimed lied to everyone at the Stern Show. Shuli Egar came in and corroborated that Fred has been a real asshole lately and is refusing to drop the case against High Pitch.

Unfortunately, doctors recently assessed Erik and told him that he has coronary heart disease and will have to undergo a procedure to get a stent or something similar.

“Again, it should be another wakeup call for Erik,” Joey added.

Erik, though, didn’t seem so concerned about his health and instead turned to asking Howard for various birthday presents which ranged from Tommy John underwear to an iPad and a bearded dragon. “I’m just asking!” Erik insisted.

High Pitch will be having a birthday bash of his own in Pittsburgh soon where he, Joey, Medicated Pete and more will party it up all night long.