Show Rundown: Tuesday April 12, 2016

Ice Cube opens up about NWA's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction, Howard is the king of predictions, and more!

April 12, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

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The show opened with a bang this morning as JD Harmeyer belted out “Great American Nightmare” and Mark the Bagger announced the day’s special guest – Ice Cube!

Howard himself was shot out of a cannon after taking down a large Starbucks coffee. He told listeners that in the wake of Jason Kaplan spilling his coffee all over the equipment recently, Howard got a cup holder installed into his desk.

Benjy Bronk even chimed with his preferences in case anyone was interested. He used to drink five to eight cups of coffee a day, but had to stop completely after suffering headaches when he didn’t have coffee.

And finally, Mark the Bagger offered a message for hope – this time in honor of hermaphrodites.

The King of All Predictions

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Yesterday it was announced that SiriusXM Radio officially has over 30M subscribers and today Howard dug up the tape from a show in 2005 before the move to satellite radio where he can be heard predicting that in 10 years satellite would boast 30M listeners.

“My predictions are good,” Howard told Robin who wondered if he was a time traveller.

The Drumpf Rally Scene

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller named John this morning wanted to tell Howard about the differences between crowds he observed at a Bernie Sanders rally and at a Donald Drumpf rally.

Howard in turn replayed some clips that Stern staffer Steve Nowicki recorded at the recent Drumpf rally in Long Island, which featured a man with an entrancing gravelly voice, a guy with a bizarre cough, and some … colorful rhetoric.

And while Howard agrees with Drumpf on some things, he said there is one definite subject they disagree on. The Republican presidential hopeful has claimed in the past that for a woman to be “a 10,” they need to have sizable breasts – something Howard does not agree with.

“I wish he’d come on and just talk about women again,” Howard said.

When You Have Something Good, Stay With It

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After playing a short promo clip from Robert Downey Jr., Howard revealed that the actor will be stopping by the Stern Show in a couple of weeks.

Howard marveled at the fact that RDJ hasn’t given up the role of Iron Man while for example we’ve seen a ton of Batmans and other characters.

“When you get something good, you stay with it,” Howard asserted before recounting how at one point in his career Rupert Murdoch called him and offered him a late-night television spot where he’d be up against Johnny Carson.

Howard explained that he “had something good going” on radio and knew the they’d just try to sanitize him on TV, so he passed.

The Masters Tournament Cracks Down

The Masters Golf Tournament is reportedly cracking down on an integral part of the sport: Baba Booeys.

After experiencing an onslaught of fans yelling the homage to Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate, the tournament cracked down this year threatening to throw out not only anyone who yells it, but also the member who let that person in.

Despite the strict policy, there has been at least one successful Baba Booey at this year’s tournament.

Ice Cube: If It Don’t Make Money, It Don’t Make Sense

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s been over 17 years since Ice Cube first appeared on the Stern Show and today, the rapper and actor returned with a dynamic interview that saw him discussing N.W.A.’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, how he maneuvered from an explosive career in music to becoming a successful filmmaker, and why Paul Giamatti makes the perfect villain.

Catch all of the highlights from Howard’s interview with Ice Cube here.

More Highlights From the Morning

Howard has begun watching “Peaky Blinders” after Shadoe Stevens recommended the series to him. Robin said she has also been watching it loves it.

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