Ronnie Mund Set To Shine In ‘Limitless’ Cameo

Howard's limo driver will appear in the CBS show's

April 11, 2016

In light of all of Flat Ronnie’s television cameos, it seems the real Ronnie Mund has caught the acting bug.

Howard’s infamous limo driver shot a few scene for the season finale of CBS’ “Limitless,” which will air on April 26th. Ronnie plays an FBI agent named “Mundt.”

“It went really well … Yeah, it was really cool,” Ronnie told Howard before shouting some of his lines as proof:

“I’m Mundt!”

“FBI — everybody down on the ground!”

Ronnie also revealed that during a raid scene where he was supposed to hit a stuntman with the butt of his rifle, he ended up falling on top of the guy instead and ruining the scene.

Ronnie Mund on the set of "Limitless" Ronnie Mund on the set of “Limitless”

Ronnie maintained that he wouldn’t rule out appearing in more episodes.