Speech Impediment Man Is Doing Comedy

Longtime listener and fan called in to tell Howard about his new gig

April 13, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Longtime listener and fan Speech Impediment Man called in this morning to tell Howard about his new gig: “I’m doing comedy out here,” he said.

Speech Impediment Man explained that he’s traveling from his home in Dallas to perform a stand-up set in a Pittsburgh strip club named Blush soon. He told Howard that he started doing comedy after hearing the Stern Show in 1996.

Speech Impediment Man said he had worked with a comedy coach, which Robin found baffling. Howard said that comedy coach must be really evil for taking Speech Impediment Man’s money.

Before hanging up, Speech Impediment Man wanted to ask if Howard would ever consider making a cameo on “Gotham.”

Despite how much he loves the show, Howard said he was “not interested … That’s not my thing. My thing is here with you.”