Coachella 2016: Celebrities, Skimpy Outfits, and Even Some Music

Howard Stern and Steve Brandano discuss music festival

April 18, 2016
Photo: Facebook

“I am obsessed with this Coachella,” Howard began, explaining that all he’s seen in the news recently are all of these celebrities and scantily clad people running around. “I really don’t know what’s going on with this thing,” he said though.

The Stern Show’s own Steve Brandano went and came in to explain the situation to Howard.

“It’s like prom every year,” Steve said.

And even outside of all the celebrities who attend, Brandano said that it’s “really hard to see any ugly people” as they’re simply not there. Everyone comes down from L.A. and floods the area.

Steve also told Howard that there is an invitation for the super VIP section if Howard wanted to go next weekend … but that’s not very likely.

Howard joked that he would have to have John Varvatos to design him a Coachella outfit if he did go. “I’d have my taint exposed.”

“It is fun though,” Brandano said. “The music is cool.”